Borders or no Borders project

Borders or no Borders (in Finnish ”RajatOn”) project creates e-learning material for comprehensive (5th to 9th classes) and upper secondary school teachers and students for studying borders. The aim of the material is to advance understanding of borders among children and young people; to help them recognize, study and question borders in their everyday environment and life. The starting point for the material are state borders, but as in the field of border studies, we understand borders as physical, conceptual, social and mental phenomena. With the material, we want to encourage children and young people to do research and learn about science, and develop their scientific literacy.

The material includes texts with questions and assignments, a glossary of concepts, ready-made research topics and a research tutorial. In addition, we offer a lot of support material for teachers for planning lessons and courses based on the material, and for using the web-based tools and applications the material utilizes.

At present, the material is available only in Finnish language. If you would like to learn more about the material, you are welcome to contact us by email: Project Researcher Virpi Kaisto (virpi.kaisto[at] or Project Researcher Krista Koskelo (krista.s.koskelo[at]

Borders or no Borders project is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Finland), University of Turku and Lappeenranta University of Technology. The project began in May 2014 and ends in the Autumn of 2015.